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  • monoceros:

    The 100 S01E05 720p - Thanks for sharing!

  • monoceros:

    Reign S01E18 720p - Thank you for sharing!

  • monoceros:

    Thank you for the uploaded links!

  • froggy: Hi, Thank you for the great shows. Would it be possible to get this weeks (last nights) Million Doll...
  • Koobecaf:

    Ice, please read out what you typed and see if that last part make sense.

  • HUNTER: There is sound delay because wrong fps for videotrack, should be 23,976. To solve the problem you ca...
  • Shifter: @TomMix Cool. Kinda new to this stuff. Learning all the time. Thanks again. ES
  • pilucaluca:

    Hala MAdrid !

  • TomMix: @Shifter They're a year old and all dead now. If they re-upped them they would use different hosts.