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La révélation des pyramides (2010)

La révélation des pyramides


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  • David-A-H:

    Thank you very much

  • TomMix: "lang audio ........: French 6.1 - Japanese 6.1 lang sub ..........: French"Well, that's r...
  • Eruk:


  • Eruk:

    Thank you

  • BK_Malik:

    Does this release have hardcoded subs for the Korean and French parts?

  • TheTruthMan:

    @TomMix webdl is best quality release besides bluray . you fool anyone.

  • TomMix: @Kaskus "104" is the second half of "Part 2", which was also labelled "s01e...
  • TomMix: @triptoDementia The show wasn't reduced, it was just shown in parts twice as long as originally plan...
  • TheTruthMan:

    guys, meep is dead.

  • David-A-H:

    Thank you