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Epic (2013)



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Recent Comments

  • wahtsup:

    Thanks for the spoiler!

  • ram:

    hai this is ram

  • TomMix: A nice addition. Fans should also see "Gods Among Us", Zeb Freki's web series, interviews ...
  • TomMix: @Barry I'm not a connoisseur of rippers, you'd have to download different versions from different en...
  • melanie: the sub file should autoplay, just make sure you rename it(including spaces)exactly as the film i.e....
  • KnightOwl70:

    Thanks TomMix!

  • sjors:

    Pretty weird shit. Love it!

  • John Doe:

    It looks like episode #10 is missing.

  • sjors:

    Another great episode of Gods! Thanks!

  • haphe:

    Thank you guys for "UL" 720p links. (Apr, 19)