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Epic (2013)



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Recent Comments

  • saveesh:

    please do a hevc encode of the webdl.

  • wicked:

    its only the frenchaudio.

  • tchamast:

    Agreed, thank you very much!

  • bld71: @ Admin I'd asked about 720p x265 HEVC, but forgot to specify HDTV source It's for my archiving pur...
  • thanks: @laptopThanks for Re-up to fast FreeHoster.@Killers Thanks for content, share and all works. PLZ, wh...
  • Danimes:

    Muchas gracias por su trabajo!!!

  • scottcrawler:

    Thank You!

  • rich27:

    Or fix the info then, whatever!
    It aint what it says on the tin.

  • Admin:

    @ tchamast
    Will be encoded soon.

  • Admin: @ bld71 WEB-DL version here: