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Recent Comments

  • chupitaz:


  • Shodan: @admin So, Doctor Who hdtv is now better than the web-dl? web-dl: 960x720, anamorph, lower in size h...
  • Kunal:

    Thank You :)

  • angela_djd: Hey wont you guys be doing the 1080p hevc rmt version of this show ? pretty please do it. you guys a...
  • RickZ: 720p HEVC for Benders, please. Thanks RMTeam!
  • spidapig:

    I do have to hand it to YIFY he knows what people like.

  • chupitaz:


  • herbyderby:

    rapidmoviez + YiFY = combo for the ages

  • bearman:


  • Admin:

    Fixed, thanks.