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Recent Comments

  • Babsie:

    UL links already dead :(

  • kev:


    Hahahaha the best tip ever :-)

  • basiadora:

    x265, please

  • gusmac:

    Sound drops out after 7:14. Need a Repack!

  • Stringer:

    As the first comment states, this release has no sound, avoid.

  • WTF#$%^Nf%^K: Video is a direct rip from a copy posted weeks ago (reasonable quality). The audio is horrible and o...
  • walter:

    @monoceros thanks bro I'm going to try a master card, hopefully it works

  • Kamil:

    it's ok.

  • MichaelK: This looks nearly good enough to watch. If I didn't have bandwidth limitations I'd go for it.If anyb...
  • sn0w white:

    could you reup the links, please? thank you so much!