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  • Kamil:

    it's ok.

  • MichaelK: This looks nearly good enough to watch. If I didn't have bandwidth limitations I'd go for it.If anyb...
  • sn0w white:

    could you reup the links, please? thank you so much!

  • giribabu:

    Thanks for the episode.

  • TonyL: @FuzzyOne use RR, nobody owes it to you to use any6 particular server. Fit you better to say thankst...
  • ArshiaD:

    why this Ep Doent have x265?

  • Fydor: Isn't this episode mislabeled? Episode 8, the final in the miniseries, was supposed to air on 5/24/...
  • A.C.:

    I would really appreciate it if you could upload this one again? All the links are down.

  • s3ER: @ a11m - high speed? Is this a joke? 4uplad has download speed at 23 kbp/s, and this is one of the w...
  • Kel:

    Part 2 of the 180 link is incomplete.