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Recent Comments

  • Koobecaf: Take into account the turns that this show would take, sometimes you'd mistake it as a soap opera. M...
  • Koobecaf: It's a shame they always cover up the most important parts. I'm not referring to the second picture.
  • Koobecaf: To watch anything you first need to use your eyes. I hope you can read this.If you mean you're unabl...
  • TomMix:

    It's actually 13x 45 minute episodes.
    Also it's a drama, not a soap opera.

  • sandyshore100:

    Thank you

  • JMitch: Well, you have to download the video file first
  • vlwaldo:

    This is a joke, I have not been able to figure out how to watch anything.

  • JMitch:

    @melanie, it's an entire season, not a 30 minute episode. Read before you comment, please.

  • melanie:

    probably ar. if you want dowmld 4gb for 30 minutes of soap opera, you need serious help

  • John Doe: What's the reason for the REPACK? None of the individual episodes say REPACK in the file names.